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Kirk Jarrett has worked in film, television, commercials, documentaries, print and live entertainment for the past
30 years. He has been active creatively and technically both in front of, and behind the camera as an actor, stunt
performer, stunt coordinator, animal coordinator, specialty animal trainer, 2nd unit director, and director for 2D
and virtual reality respectively. Mr. Jarrett has worked with all major studios and networks. Kirk’s most recent
work since 2018 after relocating to the east coast as a Animal Coordinator include Titans S2 & S3, where we had the pleasure to bring Krypto the Super Hero Dog Character to life (Warner Brothers & DC Universe) Pet Sematary, Kirk was the trainer of Church the undead cat (Paramount, 2019), Fracture, we trained the Mongrel Dog (Netflix, 2019), Christmas Chronicles, Bernese Dogs (Netflix, 2019), Discovery VRs Wild, Kodiak Grizzly, 30 head of
Wild Horses, Wolf Pack by Andrew Simpson (Google & YouTube 2018), we have had the pleasure to work on
over 30 commercials and print contracts since 2018 to present including a Super Bowl add for Avocados from
To name a few other projects, Kirk has worked on The Killing, Stunt & Animal Coordinator (AMC), Brokeback
Mountain, Stunt Coordinator, Specialty Animals (Focus Features), Flicka 2 & 3, Animal Coordinator, 2nd Unit
Director, Liberty Horse Trainer, Stunt Coordinator (20th Century Fox), Riverdale, Animal Coordinator (Warner
Brothers), Passchendaele, Stunt Coordinator (Alliance) You can find more on IMDB.
Having worked on over 500 projects in various capacities, Kirk has formed a solid foundation of technical skills
and a thorough understanding of the creative, business and the logistical side of the film industry.
Kirk is proud to say that his mandates for Animal Actors in the entertainment sectors fall under a positive
approach so animals are set up for success rather than failure. This comes down to all animals need training,
acclimation and conditioning to environments, props, SPFX elements, wardrobe & most importantly human co-star actors. This approach as an Animal Coordinator is a realistic approach that reacts to realities of what can be done within the expectations and timelines when approached professionally as a filmmaker.


Every industry has its own technology advancements that compliment the overall delivery of an end product. I am well aware that in order for my business to continue its services I need to step up my game as a service provider. This is a reality to all animals in film. I have reacted to this by partnering with like minded first class positive reinforcement trainers and other positive like minded animal providers to ensure my clients that from start to finish everything that Kirk Jarrett Productions presents is insurable on screen and behind the scenes.

The reality is in order to do it right I am seeking to partner & associate my business with brands that want to invest the time into training, conditioning and acclimation applicable to their creatives so the animal actors can positively bring your creatives life using our live animal actors versus cg. Positive Reinforcement Training complimented with Kirks management and leadership from a realistic filmmakers overall approach is Kirk Jarrett Productions Mandate. All Animal Protection services that govern the film industry such as The American Humane, MAPs and the regional SPCA representatives that work on the floor with Kirk Jarrett appreciate his energy focussed on the wellbeing of all animals in film.


There is never a problem for there is always a solution, one just has to be open minded to get it done. Kirk is a true filmmaker & prides himself on delivering the animal action that was discussed and agreed to.

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