Founder and head trainer of In Dogs We Trust, Melissa Millett started training in competitive obedience as a hobby with her own dog in 1998 and immediately developed a lifelong passion with training dogs. Since then, Melissa has taught thousands of family pets, holds training workshops for professionals in the pet industry including Veterinary technicians, Service Dog trainers and monthly sessions for the staff and volunteers at the London Humane Society.


As an animal expert, Melissa has been featured on every major Canadian TV network as well as internationally. Breakfast Television (Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary), CP24, Global News, CTV (Toronto, Vancouver), Animal Planet, etc. The host of the popular television show Doggy House Calls and the spin-off series Doggy Diaries in London, Kitchener, and Ottawa.


Founder and performer of the Ultimutts, a division of In Dogs We Trust, the stunt dog show boasts dogs (and a trained cat) that can walk tightropes, jump rope, ride scooters, skateboards, walking handstands, and more! A few of the Ultimutts have been featured internationally on; Good Morning America, The Rick Mercer Report and The Family Channel. Bella the Boston Terrier has been featured on the big screen and traveled across the country with Ripley's Believe it or Not! to promote her appearance in the 2016 publication.

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all animals are trained under the guidelines of the
American Humane Association